Azaros 21 SA, is an SME located in the town of Atxondo (Bizkaia), which began its activity in 2000.

Its main activity is the commercialization of thermal and electrical insulators and consumables for the refractory and foundry industry.

To do so, it has a committed team with a great knowledge of the industrial sector and well-equipped facilities to carry out all the operations effectively.

The responsibility for Quality Management lies with the Management and all the staff of Azaros 21, S.A. The team has the obligation to apply it in an integrated way with the rest of the professional functions entrusted to them in accordance with the following principles:

  1. To satisfy the requirements and expectations of our clients for whom we work by providing an excellent level of quality as a guarantee of the company’s future. Customer loyalty ensures our survival as a company and, in the same way, customer focus allows us to adapt quickly to market opportunities.
  2. The prevention of occupational injuries or risks in the workplace is a primary objective that affects all levels of the Azaros 21, S.A. organization. The promotion of safe and healthy working conditions for our employees is essential. For this reason, Azaros 21, S.A. is committed to complying with safety regulations and insisting that they are complied with at all times.
  3. To raise awareness, train, involve and involve all Azaros 21, S.A. employees in the Quality Management System, turning the implemented System into an effective and efficient tool to achieve the strategic objectives and continuous improvement at Azaros 21, S.A.

Our commitment is:

  • To provide quality products with efficient and excellent service, at a competitive price. Determine, meet and improve our customers’ requirements to increase their satisfaction.
  • To ensure that all employees receive adequate training and information and are competent in the tasks they perform.
  • Encourage and actively contribute to the development of worker protection based on compliance with applicable legislation and regulations and other requirements that Azaros 21, S.A. assumes as its own.
  • Actively promote the participation of all workers in all forums aimed at the survival and improvement of the company.
  • Identify, evaluate and keep up to date the Occupational Health and Safety risks within our activities, as well as those arising from changes and modifications to them, trying to eliminate the risks or at least control them. All of this as a fundamental element in the protection of people.
  • Adopt the necessary and economically viable measures to prevent and minimize occupational risks.
  • Periodically control the compliance and effectiveness of the measures adopted and establish correction procedures if non-conformities are detected.
  • Maintain a level of communication with customers and other interested parties that benefits the organization.
  • Continuous improvement: To improve our organization on an ongoing basis in order to increase its effectiveness and competitiveness. Management will drive the improvements necessary to achieve the objectives.

The Quality Policy was updated, approved and signed on September 2018 and is available to any employee of the organization as well as to any of the organization’s stakeholders.