Supplies for manufacturers of ducts and chimneys /

Customized solutions

We provide customized solutions for the manufacture of hot air ducts and chimneys. Trained in offering solutions and high added value in the supply chain of the required materials and compounds.

At Azaros you will find a wide range of high quality materials adapted to the specific needs and requirements of the duct and chimney manufacturers sector.

We are specialists in offering a varied and personalized range of soluble fiber blankets, rock wool and metal clamps, essential for the composition of the final product.

We have extensive storage and logistics resources to provide an agile service anywhere in the world.

Our team will go along with you in the search for the optimal solution, putting its know-how and experience at your disposal.

A nossa experiência permite que estejamos presentes numa vasta gama de setores, garantindo os padrões de qualidade mais exigentes.